About Mosaic

Guild Info:

    • Mosaic Founded: March 27, 2012 (Whitebeam Run) - Dark Mosaic Founded: May 15, 2012 (Whitebeam Run)
    • Founding Members: Haliy, Ryn'ora, Azumi, Esmoria
    • Server: Jedi Covenant [PvE - East Coast]
    • Voice chat: Ventrilo


Mosaíc (Republic) was established to help those casual players looking to find a guild with no requirements and no pressures. To also fit their needs of gameplay while not affecting their life outside of the game. Many of us that work during the night and are unable log on during the weekends have a hard time finding a quality guild that would fit their lifestyle. Mosaic changes all that. As we saw the potential of helping both factions out with what we offer the playerbase, we expanded the guild to both sides and Dark Mosaic was formed for our brethren on the Imperial side.

About Us:

We are a mature adult oriented guild looking to enjoy the in-game experience but not at the expense of our real lives.  The hours each member is able to play may vary from a day to day basis. There will never be a play time requirement for you to stay in the guild. We are aware that this game is not the most important thing in your life (even though it is very fun) and will do everything to accommodate ever member of the guild.

We have a friendly atmosphere where the members are mature and not demanding. Think of it as a family atmosphere or a friendly get together. If you want to raid with us, your more than welcome to join. If raiding is not your thing and all you want to do is explore, pvp, socialize, questing, or whatever else... go right ahead. You will be treated as an equal however,there is a saying that I strictly believe in. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"

Type of Players we look for:

    • Casual players where real life comes first
    • Friendly and laid-back attitude
    • Enjoys grouping for Quests, Flashpoints, and maybe even eventually Operations/RAIDs
    • Age is not a requirement however we do ask for you to be mature in nature and open minded when different discussions to come up in chat or within the forums which brings us to the next point...
    • You must be able to tolerate sick / adult humour. This is a must. Some people get offended by some stuff - if you do, don't apply. But bear in mind, anything you hear on guild chat is generally just that - humour! 
    • Generous and willing to help less experienced players
    • Loyalty (no guild jumping please)

 Type of Players we DO NOT look for:

    • Any 'Hardcore' gamer
    • If you are looking for set weekly Operations/RAIDs then we are probably not for you
    • Drama Queens or Elitists
    • Those only looking for a “leveling guild”

Reasons for being kicked from the guild:

    • Greifing, harrasing, begging, stealing or various other things which are considered to be bad juju to guild members or other members of the republic. If it comes to it, I will kick you out of the guild with no questions asked. Imps on the other hand well... in the words of someone more famous than I "Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt...of elderberries!"

Ingame Contacts:

Please feel free to contact any of the following individuals in regards to joining both guilds;




Windigo, Haliy 
Rinata, Ryn'ora, Wrenoa,and Cor'rin'a 
Sap'phira, Momo 
Jaystavi and Thwynn

Dark Mosaic: 
Verili, Thollyn and Ammenius
Ren'ner, Vettee 


If you are trying to contact players on one side and It does not seem like they are on, they might be playing their characters on the other side. Thank you.