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Looking for a casual, friendly guild that you can hang out in and not worry about the elitest mentality of other guild members? Regardless if your a seasoned veteran or just new to MMO's in general, Mosaic might just be for you. 

Established in March of 2012, Mosaic (Republic) & Dark Mosaic (Imperial) was formed for all player types in mind. We realize that everyone has a life outside the game and you should live it. We play for the enjoyment of the game and just to take a break from the real world. If you are looking to raid or see endgame content and loot as soon as possible, this is not the guild for you. If however you are looking for other casual players to just hang out with, joke with, quest with or just generally get help from, we are more than welcome to have you in our family.

Current Rep & XP bonuses:
Mosaic: Rep (4.8% ) XP (9.8%)
Dark Mosaic: Rep (3.4%) XP (8.4%)

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