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re: APPROVED - App: ChordRT - by Verlybabe


Welcome to our guild. As I said in my pm we are a bit inactive at the moment, but I am hoping to change that. 

We'll have to figure out a time to get you added to the guild in game. You'll find me under Jaystavi on pub side (in game I'm currently on Hoth) and Ammenius on Imp side (In game currently about to touch down on Belsavis (first planet for chapter 3).  


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re: App: ChordRT

The application submitted by ChordRT is as follows:

Guild applying for::

Main characters name::

Level / Class::
41/Jedi Sentinel

Alt(s) that you might be known by:
Creyvus 1/Sith Warrior

Is there anybody in the guild that might know you?:
Probably not.

How did you hear about Mosaic?:
The SWTOR recruitment forums.

Age / Sex : :

Nationality / Location : :
US/East Coast

Are you F2P or Subscriber?:

Why you want to join Mosaic : :
I've been wanting to join a casual guild, without all the strict attendance policies, where I could help others as well as get help on flashpoints and ops from time to time. I don't get to play every day since real life duties take precedence, and I like that this guild emphasizes that we play the game to have fun, help others when we can, and not worry about getting kicked out because we could not login for a week.

If you left your last guild, why?:
I found, more often than not, that I was the only one in my guild that was online, so getting help on missions was a tossup. Plus, the membership had been declining since it was a F2P guild, and I wanted to be in a larger guild for the long haul.

What is the normal time you play?:

Anything else you think is relevant to your application : :
I am new to MMO's and am still learning things about this game and how to play it. Having other members be helpful in this process as well as being able to help others myself is the real cornerstone of what guild I want to be a part of.

Do you like pie?:

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